Xplore micro injection moulders with a shot volume of 5.5 or 12 ml can easily sit on your laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard. Our IM 5.5 and IM 12 micro moulders fit seamlessly with our twin-screw compounders to streamline your RD screening. They can also work as stand-alone units to mould formulations that do not require mixing.
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The Xplore micro injection moulders allows you to test and evaluate new or expensive materials and formulations in a very reliable, reproducible, fast and cost-effective way with very small amounts of test material. Depending on the mould volume, one or two injection cycles can be performed with one batch of the Xplore compounder. Alternatively, several separate cavities can be fitted into one mould; hence one injection cycle gives several test samples.Our standard mould geometries include certified dog bone shaped tensile bars, Izod bars and for pharmaceutical applications we have various tablet shapes available too. We can of course provide custom moulds (see image below) to meet your requirements.

The Xplore conveyor belt (CB) units were specially designed to be used to guide polymer strands directly from a smaller extruder or compounder die. The conveyor belt units do fit perfectly to our MC 5 and MC 15. The belt speed of the conveyor belts are adjustable, allowing it to be precisely tailored to each individual application.

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Instead of being conventionally extruded into a water bath, the polymer strand is extruded directly onto a blue woven (CB version, see image below) or to a non-sticking PTFE conveyor belt (CB Pro, see image above), which carefully, in a controlled manner, draws the fragile nascent strands.